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Re: Re - beans
Think I'd rather take
the chance with the
plastic than metal
contamination. That's

Re: Re - beans
I don't eat things out
of cans because even
though you don't notice
it cans are lined with

Re - beans
Maybe because there is
such a huge range of
them they need some
different spacing, or

Re - Printing on watercolour paper.
What about printing the
image out on ordinary
paper & giving the
patients that with

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Welcome to, this website is a gathering of free art resources & information for students and art teachers. Via this website we aim to support you and encourage you in developing your interest in fine art practice.

For many people making art or appreciating art is a path to happiness, for this reason we believe the world can always benefit from more art and more artists! If art makes you happy; why not enrol in a fine arts course or consider looking for a career in a fine arts related job.

Via this website we are developing several resources we hope you find helpful, such as; A review of the leading Australian Art Schools, we also have Art Movement Essays written with an Australian perspective, an Art Career Guide describing possible careers open to you, an Art Dictionary, also Icon Artist Biographies and a Student Help Guide for overseas students. We also encourage you to use Art Student Forum to share and learn from others.

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NAS - National Art School
A leading Australian Art School. Located in the historical old Darlinghurst Gaol in Sydney's premier Arts precinct home to many of Sydney's leading commercial art galleries.
Darlinghurst, Sydney, NSW.

USQ McGregor Schools
The McGregor Schools foster culture, creativity, and art in the local region of Southern Queensland. Visual art and performing arts schools run by the Faculty of Arts at the University of Southern Queensland.
Toowoomba, QLD

SCA - Sydney College of Art
Part of the University of Sydney, SCA is highly regarded for its academic excellence and offering the leading art courses in contemporary art since 1976.
Rozelle, Sydney, NSW.

Julian Ashton Art School
A very historic Australian art school in Sydney. Now with two locations. Teaching Traditional fine art disaplines with a long line of famous Australian Artists as it's alumni.
The Rocks, Sydney, NSW.

RMIT School of Art
Part of the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology. Art students study the latest technologies and new media as well as traditional & contemporary fine arts.
Melbourne, VIC

Workshop Arts Centre
A self-funded, non-profit organization that offers creative art & craft workshops. Students have full access of the arts facilities, including the printmaking studios, jewellery studio, sculpture studio and photography darkroom.
Willoughby, Sydney, NSW

QCA - Queensland College of Art
The QCA is the state's oldest visual arts training institution and is focused on creative, studio-based activity. It forms part of Griffith University and has several campuses where art programes a tuaght.
South Bank, QLD

VCA - Victorian College of Arts
A major visual arts & performing arts training institution. Located on a nine acre site. The College offers training across all artistic disciplines including Dance, Film and Television, Music, Drama, Art and Production.
Southbank, Melbourne, VIC

COFA - College of Fine Arts
Located in one of the Sydney's Trendy art districts, COFA is a highly regarded art education institution that is also part of the University of NSW.
Paddington, Sydney, NSW.

Grenadi School of Design
Design is not only a career, it’s a way of life. A design school offering courses in Graphic Design, Web Design, Graphic Arts & Multimedia.
Melbourne, VIC

Sydney Design School
A well regarded, small interior design school that also offers related business courses.
Crowsnest, Sydney, NSW

Adelaide Central School of Art
A not-for-profit art school and higher art education organisation specialising in the training and education of practising visual artists. It also has a focus on training Art Teachers.
Norwood, Adelaide, SA

Tasmanian School of Art
Part of the University of Tasmania and offering both undergraduate and graduate degrees. The Tasmanian School of Art is located in a purpose-renovated warehouse on Hobart's beautiful waterfront, not far from the natural wilderness.
Hobart, TAS


Latrobe College of Art & Design
Centrally located in Melbournes CBD, an independent educational institution offering courses in fine art, visual art, digital media and graphic design. Connected to the Latrobe Street Gallery.
Melbourne, VIC

Raffles College of Design & Commerce
Sydney, NSW

Shillington Graphic Design College
Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane

Australian International College of Art
Gold Coast, QLD

Grenadi School of Design
Melbourne, VIC

Commercial Arts Training College
A design school with 4 campuses, specialist courses in Graphic Design, Interior Design & Photography. Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbase, Gold Coast

Australian Academy of Design
Degree courses in advertising, fashion design, graphic design, photo media and visual arts. A non-profit org. Melbourne, VIC

Design College Australia
Offering full time and short course in graphic design and photography. Brisbane, QLD

Billy Blue Design College
Teaches communication design, graphic design, brand environment, digital multi media and interior design. Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane

Design Centre Enmore
Sydney, NSW

Sydney Design School
Crowsnest, Sydney, NSW

For more Art Schools or Art Education options in Australia see:
Art Workshops, Community Colleges, Local Art Classes, Art Travel Holidays, Art Societies.

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Art Careers

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Furniture Conservator
Furniture Restorer
Furniture Designer
Conservation Framer
Canvas Stretcher
Costume Designer
Cake Decorator
Food Stylist
Food Photographer
Book Designer
Fashion Designer
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Art Director
Jewellery Designer
Interior Designer
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Art Teacher
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The Julian Ashton Art School
The Julian Ashton Art School

Art Classes, Landscape painting, figure drawing, sculpture, watercolour and pastel. Learn from the masters! Past ...more

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